Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Durga Pujo, 2009

This year's Durga Pujo was good. It wasnt great fun because one of our "gang" members, my Moon di was down with malaria and stomach infection and thus was hospitalized. We shopped soooo much and she couldnt wear even a single thing that she bought for herself. Also she is my "picture partner", we both can pose for n number of pics and never get tired. She is sooo much fun to be with. (Yes she is my best friend).Anyway she is okay now.

So it was just me, Shubho, Rakesh dada, Tuptup didi, Ronnie and Mumu didi (Moon di's elder sister). All we did was dress up, go to the pandal, eat, do "timepass" and rush to the Vashi pujo at night for dinner. The food was okay there. We wanted to have authentic bengali food like chops, mughlai parantha,phuchka, fries (not french fries) etc etc. I couldnt go pandal hopping though, my parents did and so did Shubho!

Everything was good but I missed Moon didi (we all did!)

Thursday, September 17, 2009


I dont have to say anything! Seriously.

Where is the tall, dark handsome man? Rough and tough MAN? Where?

Sunday, September 13, 2009

My latest buy!

One of the lucky days when I got this awesome pair of stilettos from METRO sale. I love them! :-D

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

She met him a year back. One year and 3 months to be precise. In this one year, she met him almost everyday and spoke to him everyday and exchanged scraps and had online chats. Everyday.

Initially she just did not like him. Found him too fast and that annoyed her a lot. But he is like that. She did not know.

Calls. Ignored.

Messages. Ignored.

However she couldnt continue to ignore him (he was her best buddy's cousin!). So she met him. "Once!! only once i'll meet him, that too just for my friend."

She met him again.

And again. And again. And again....and again....

With all this happening, she did not even realise when she had fallen for him. He is the bad-guy. She is the saint. She likes bad boys. She wonders whether it will ever work out. Will it?

She doesnt know. He doesnt know.

As they say.."dil toh aakhir dil hai naa, meethi si mushkil hai naa..."

Monday, September 7, 2009


She was sitting on her window pane with a hot cup of coffee. It was raining outside. Heavily. She looked at the pouring rain and memories came rushing back to her...

"Baba...look rains! Water! yipppeeeeyyyy!! Please lets make a paper boat and sail it!!!"

"Maa maa....its raining..can i go out? please please!! See all my friends are getting wet!"

"Hello? Yeah hi, are you going to school? Shit ya its raining soo hard! I am toh bunking.."

"Listen, take your umbrella with you and dont get wet! I will not take you to the doctor if you fall sick!"

"Shivam...ready? one, two, three...splashhhhhhhhhh!!!!"

"Kya kar rahe ho tum log? This water is NOT good! you may get some infection!!"

"I love to get wet in the rains..."

"Sexy! Wassup? Arent you getting bored? Come out...lets meet! So what if its raining? Who cares? Apun ke pass gaadi hai naa!"

"Whhaaaattt!! She has come to college? Why on earth? Are you mad! Why did you come today? Its pouring cats and dogs! Go home....please! We want to sleep."

All this and more just came rushing back to her. She sipped her hot coffee and thought of those wonderful moments, those wonderful conversations. Rains are so so beautiful, she wondered whether any other day would also bring back these memories the way the rains did today.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


This year has been jinxed for us. Bigtime.

First there was this whole TEACHER'S STRIKE. It went on for 45 days. Okay i know that the teacher's are fighting for something really important, but what nonsense why do we need to suffer? We never got proper holidays and now we wont have diwali vacations also! I mean if they would have closed the college for those 45 days then it would have been fine. BUT NO! We had unofficial lectures and now we will be having block lectures in the month of october, so basically NO HOLIDAYS! Plus being a psychology single major student, we have sooo much to do!! Specially practicals and those stupid university projects! I mean i would have really loved doing them provided our professors wouldnt have pressurized us and created so much tension for no reason!

Then second thing....SWINE FLU! I dont have to elaborate. This stupid thing ruined everything! I mean KALEIDOSCOPE got postponed! Kscope..postponed! (btw guys its happeneing from 17th nov to 22nd nov). Stupid swine flu and stupid people...masks! yuck!!

So I dont like this year! Too much to do, study and work but very little time. No time to breathe and i have soooo many problems to handle! :-(