Wednesday, December 10, 2008


At the beginning of this year i prayed to god that i anyhow want to go to goa this year..ANYHOW..with ANYBODY!

And look...god granted my wish!During the diwali break i went to goa with my friends!!Though it was organised by college,we had loads of fun!!Goa is seriously a graet place and the beaches are just amazing.The best beach i found was THE VAGATOR BEACH...oh it feels like heaven there.The water is actually BLUEEE and its just awesome!The best thing was when we reached vagator the local guide asked us :

"Aapko Vagator beach mein kidhar janaa hai?Veg section mein ya non-veg section mein?"
Our professor replied : "nahi nahi hum hotel mein lunch karenge.."
Guide : "nahi madam main khane ki baat nahi kar raha hu...woh kya hai naa veg section mein sab Indian log jataa hai un logo ko non veg section pasand nahi...udhar sab FAREN (foriegn) log kamti kapda peheke ghumta hai!! toh aap kidhar jaayega?"
Our professor amused :"aaa..hum dekhenge..aap araam kijiye!"

It was sooo funny,we all just couldnt stop laughing!The food there is amazing,specially the beachside shacks!!The shopkeeprs did give us a tough time because they obviously eyed the foriegn tourists for obvious reasons...but we were no less we know how to bargain..afterall we are compulsive colaba causeway and linking road shoppers!!hehe
Things in goa and mumbai are quite similar so i dint buy many many things!But i bought my first dress...which is just sooo pretty! :D

We stayed at MAPPLE VIVA in CALANGUTE which is an amazing hotel.Three girls were allotted one room which had two bedrooms...and both the rooms had AC and television and all the other necessities.Ofcourse ISHANI,SHAILEE and I were in the same room and we had a blast!Everynight we went off to sleep by 3 am and before that we kept chatting,clicking pictures and danced and laughed like mad!!

Oh those few days were amazing!!
Thank you sooo much God for fulfilling my wish!I love you! :D

PS : our journey to goa was BAD...but the stay over there compensated it! :D

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Thats all i can say about the cruelity done by man against another man.
I feel helpless...lost...angry!

What fun do these terrorists get by killing innocent people?What kind of mentality do they have...they have full meal and then get up easily and start shooting at people as if they were nothing!

I dont understand them and nor do i wish to.

I want all this to stop...i want PEACE!

PS : how i wish god would grant my wish.