Friday, February 27, 2009


Okay i think my blog will slowly turn into a TAG blog (is that appropriate?..i dont know!). But i guess i have no choice if i dont wish to have a ''CRIMINAL CASE' lodged against me. As there is no cyber freedom anymore and we live in a country where women cannot drink, smoke or go to pubs (or as a matter of fact do anything apart from sitting at home and producing kids..ideal ''bahu''!) orelse moral police officers like PRAMOD MUTHALIK ( who by the way has 45 criminal cases against him) will thrash us black and blue and teach us the RIGHT thing and tell us about Indian culture! You know what i just cant wait to learn about MY culture, MY India and what I should do with MY life from THEM! What social workers! AH-MAH-ZINGGGGG is the word! I mean what would we do without people like Ms.Pratibha Naithani who registers complaints with the police every 6 months to ban every other thing because she doesnt find them morally upright and thinks that her kids will suffer and very conveniently appears in the front page of the newspapers( aa..Miss one question please!..dont you have even 1% control over your children? I feel sorry for you!).But at the end of the day we live in a DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY....hmm what a BIG word!

Anyway i shall not say anything (hehaw!) and continue with the tag. This time i was tagged by CYNNIE in FACEBOOK and when i read ANURAG's blog i realised that 'oh! I can publish the tag in my blog!yay!'...dude thanks!

Okay so 25 random things about me :

1)I love to read, though i am lazy and donot easily start with a book, but once i do..then there is no stopping!

2)I love to shop!...and i love to bargain! I am good at it..seriously!

3)I hate people who wear/use fake brands! I mean dont use a brand atall..who cares which branded pair of jeans or t-shirt you are wearing? Fake ones look so wannabe and one can make out that they are fake :p

4)I love chocolates and ice-cream and i do not like to share either with anyone..apart from dad :)

5)I love to watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S and TOM and JERRY!

6)I love the colour dominates my wardrobe bigtime!

7)According to my friends and family..i talk a lot but i choose to disagree.

8)I love to dance!!!

9)I want to be the lead singer of a band but it is impossible..because i just cannot sing! And i know that! :(

10)I love shoes!..i did mention that earlier in one of the tags!

11)I love to socialize..i cant be kills me!

12)I am the only child and seriously i miss having a sibling!!..i want someone to fight with! :D

13)I dont understand the entire recession thing!!..why could it not happen 100 years later!!!!arrrrggghh!

14)I hold very strong opinion about certain issues and never ever budge from them...neither do i plan to! :p

15)I love pasta and pizza!..but i looovvvvveeeeeee bengali cuisine! (did you get the difference between the 2 loves?)

16)I will be getting a nose-piercing! :D

17)I dont smoke or drink....and i have absolutely no problem with people who do :)

18)I love the winters!

19)I wear glasses while reading..but dont like it!

20)I never give up while arguing...i make sure that i win...i know sometimes it is bad..but cannot help it!

21)I love beaches..and thus i love Goa!...JUHU beach bhi acha hai..hehe!

22)I want to own the dvd of F.R.I.E.N.D.S...all 10 seasons!(anyone listening? birthday is coming!)

23)I am not that fond of travelling.

24)I love clicking pictures of myself..hehe!..a lil self obssessed!

25)I love to see people fight!..How mean of me..but its ok!hehe

Saturday, February 7, 2009

You dont eat, you dont go out, you sit at home and what do you do? You study!..yes you study for your stupid test! sleep at 1:30 am and wake up at 5:00 am..sacrifice SLEEP..SLEEPPPP!!!!

You get over at 9:40 a.m on the test day (yes you have only 2 lectures!!..stupid isnt it?) and the test is scheduled at 1:15 pm (this is more stupid and disgusting!). So what do you do? You keep studying..bury yourself in the book because the portion is nothing less than 'MAHABHARATA' and since the subject is PSYCHOLOGY you need to pay extra attention and understand stuff otherwise it goes above your head! For around 4 hours you sit in one place and read and read and read and discuss topics with your equally frustrated friends. Then somehow you manage to finish the portion and reach ROOM NO. 27 (you dont even know where the hell room no. 27 go mad searching and searching!!!)Anyway after all this you reach the room and wait...and wait and wait.....

You wait for 30 minutes and realise that the professor will not come....!!!!

Just will you feel then?...arrrrggggghhhhhh????

It is soo irritating..this was the first time when i was NOT glad that the test did not happen!

PS : Gentle whispers gave me a blogger award.Sorry for mentioning it sooo late!Thank you Lyandra!My first ever blog award!yay