Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I haven't been actively blogging for quite sometime now even though i had all the time in the world ( you know vacations!). Yes lazy me!! But now i have decided that i will keep updating the blog whenever time permits! yay!!

Anyway some really really good things have happened to me in the past few months. I met my closest buddy ( yes Shivam is back!). I also got through Psychology single major (yeah i wanted it sooo much!). Kaleidoscope work will begin soon and I have adopted a puppy ( but i am not allowed to bring him home, street I feed him regularly and I call him Chucky but my friends dont like that name! but as if I care I call him Chucky anyway!)

And now some not so good things....I have a really really tight schedule.My college timetable is horrible and the portion is vast, never-ending and we cannot leave anything! :-(
And my Coffee is going to Norway! I will miss you sooo much :-( No words can express how much that sooo much is!

PS: This is my 50th post! :-D