Friday, September 26, 2008


This year somehow my love for english literature seemed to fade away...and ofcourse i wasnt very pleased with this.Somehow i got swept away with the idea that poetry is very difficult to understand and interpret ( did this thought even hit me..providing poetry is something that i just LOVE to do!).Maybe this was because somehow i chose to remain passive during the literature lectures...ideas and thoughts juggling in my mind..ddnt provide an outlet and secondly maybe because of one of the professors!I dont like her approach towards literature and thus ofcourse her way of teaching!..But ofcourse our other professor is just awesome and i guess its because of her and her perspective towards the subject and the way she deals with it..that my LOVE for this very subject is resumed!

I am happy!yay..!!
Thankyou soooo much ma'am! :D

Sunday, September 21, 2008

back to BLACK

I am back to my old blog template!

And i am back to studies aswell..hardly 18 days left and this time exams are gonna be tough!They'll mark us strictly and ofcourse our second year marks will play an important role in deciding our single major subject in third year!!

Tomorrow i have a psychology test.
I am not done with the lesson! :(

running back to books..!


Wednesday, September 10, 2008


GENTLEWHISPERS tagged me this time.

I like to do tags! =)

I AM : sad right now...kscope is over! =(

I THINK : i will fall into trouble if i dont start studying (i know it sounds geeky..but hell i dint open my books since july!!)

I WANT : to have an ice-cream (fer-rocher,gelato!..yummyyyy!!!)

I HAVE : to buy a gift for my friend.her birthday was on 9th!shame on me!

I WISH : i dint have to wake up early tomorrow morning!

I HATE : irresponsible people.

I MISS : K'scope!

I FEAR : of getting black-listed (which i dont think i will...but the very thought of it scares me!)

I FEEL : sleepy!?

I HEAR : my mom yelling at me to sleep!

I CRAVE : right!

I SEARCH : for the contingent list of outstation colleges in the kscope account!

I REGRET : my decision of letting him know that i like him?!

I LOVE : my mommie!..i stayed away for a week..and i missed her! :(

I CARE : for my parents and all my loved ones!

I AM NOT : the bitchy types!


I DANCE : everytime.I just returned from my rehearsals.i lurve to dance!

I SING : just for myself.

I CRY : very easily..!

I FIGHT : when i am irritated...usually only with mom!..otherwise i am a saint..hehe!

I WIN : hearts.atleast i choose to believe that.

I LOSE : i dont know!i hate to lose ANYTHING!!

I NEVER : interfere in others' life.

I ALWAYS : daydream.

I CONFUSE : what i like and what i love.

I LISTEN : to music whenever i get time!..the genres differ bigtime.

I CAN USUALLY BE FOUND : at college or home!

I AM SCARED : of not getting a psychology single major in TY! :(

I AM HAPPY ABOUT : right now i told my friend the other day :"i think things are falling into right places"!!

I tag PJ!!! :D