Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I am sooo done with you!

For a year now, you made me do things which I otherwise dont do.

You made me read innumerable amount of blacky-badly-printed photocopied papers.

You made me think about other men and their work. Day and night!

You made me work like an ass. ( Donkey wala ass!)

You made me spend precious hours of my life with you.

You forced me to forget that I have a social life!

You made me type and type and type.

You made me forget about my lunch and dinner 'n' number of times.

You made me hunt for 'S' and in some cases 'Ss'. It wasnt any less than begging...''please come! please come!! Pleaseee!!''

You made me sacrifice sleep!

You made me cranky, you made me crib and you made me cry!

You made me nervous, every damn time I had you. EVERYTIME. Me nervous!

But now Mister! I am oh so done with you. I dont give two hoots to you! Muhahahahahaha!