Monday, March 23, 2009

SYBA ends...

Okay so another year of college has passed! Yes another awesome year has passed and I am not at all glad! Why do all good things come to an end?Why????

To be frank, school was good..i made friends and things were just fine!But it was limited,there was a lot of partiality and somehow it did not let me grow...somehow and i really dont know whether its just applicable to me or not.The relationships I had built in school were quite superficial,some were not and i am glad about it but most were.The people in school be it the teachers or classmates all they knew was academics,studies and marks! If you dont score well you are a poor student and you know nothing and are treated not so nicely.I mean what I really want to know is..can a 3 hour examination test our knowledge?Can it really prove how good we are? Surely school days were fun and I miss them..specially my friends and the time we all had spent together.I am not very fond of my 11th and 12th years as I was mainly stuck with "bookworms"..seriously! All they knew was physics,chemistry,mathematics and IIT and PMT! And I did not belong to this category! I still dont understand why on earth did i do science in 11th and 12th! However my 8th 9th and 10th standard years were fun! Those were the years I will never forget :D

Anyway now back to college! After getting into SOPHIA my life has changed completely and I mean it.I always knew that South Mumbai colleges rock and that once you are associated with one of these colleges then there is no looking back! It feels so nice when I tell people that I am from SOPHIA's and they exclaim "wow!! ya..lucky." I am indeed lucky and I feel that i am blessed that I got into such a prestigeous college!After getting admission here I got to study two of my favourite subjects ENGLISH LITERATURE and PSYCHOLOGY.I have ECONOMICS too but somehow I dont think I am ECO-MATERIAL!

English Literature (or just lit!) is one subject that has widened my perception and the way I look at things! I have learned so much from this subject.I now know that we should not only read a book but analyse it aswell and I know how to analyse a book now.How to interpret the hidden message from simple and subtle things!I am so so lucky to have had professors like DR.VAKIL , MA'AM JIHASA, MA'AM KANORIA and SISTER ANANDA! These four women are just AMAZING!!

Then its how can I express my love for this subject? All I can say is that I want to major in this subject and I am DESPARATE for it!SERIOUSLY!..Now this says all...doesnt it?hehe

In college I have found 'real' friends...I have learned how things work...the maddness during k'scope and more.

Just one more year of college and this is NOT great for me! S.Y.B.A has ended and so will T.Y.B.A and I know that I wont even realise how and when the year will pass....

PS : Nobody noticed the important things I wrote before my tag in my previous post! :(
Secondly,this post is so so different from my usual way of writing! Dont you think so?