Monday, July 28, 2008


'You say life is a dream where we cant say what we mean..'

I sometimes wonder,can we always express our point of view?Can we always say what we want?Can we always do whatever we want?

I guess we cannot.
And i wonder why?

I want to know it from all of you out you also agree with me that we ALWAYS cannot express ourselves and do whatever we want!
I want to know why?..Why such rules are imposed on us?We are individuals,have our own life.Dont we have the right to live it the way we want to?Then why seek permission?Then why answer to the zillion questions asked to us by people who we dont even like?Why do stuff that will please others?...why why why...???

Saturday, July 5, 2008


Time :8 am

concentration status : will we get the tickets?

Time :8:50 am

concentration status : will we get the tickets?can we reach there on time?

So much was my enthusiasm to watch JAANE TU YA JAANE NAA...
As soon as our psycho lecture got ovr we all rushed towards the gate!And then waited and waited and waited so that the traffic got cleared and we could cross the road (PEDDER ROAD traffic is BAD!).
It was already 10 minutes to 10 and we were still waiting for the cab!!!And i was in no mood to miss the begining of the film!Anyway we reached there by 10,bought the tickets and rushed through the security and then into the theatre!The promo of ROCK ON was on..(i wanna watch that film too..hehe..farhan akhtar!!)

Anyway about the film...its a nice film,very MUMBAIYA..the way the actors have dressed up,the way they talk..people out here are like that!So we can identify with them upto some extent!No 'jhatak' clothes,no dramatic dialogues!The songs are brilliant (very subjective!).I liked the character of ADITI.
A very fresh film,young and vibrant.And IMRAN KHAN is soooo cute!hehe
A.R.Rahman's music is so different and fresh!

They have covered practically whole of mumbai...XAVIER'S,MARINE DRIVE et al.
But as it is BOLLYWOOD there were a few bogus things in the end JAI (imran khan) rides a horse from NARIMAN POINT to ANDHERI so that he can stop ADITI from going to AMERICA...i mean wat did the director think...MUMBAI people will not watch the film?HORSE RIDE---nariman point to andheri 'halwa hai kya?'hehe.Then a dead nassirrudin shah dancing and talking and all that blah blah blah!

No conclusion can be drawn from the film.But its worth to watch once with friends.A light romatic comedy!