Monday, January 26, 2009

This time i have not been tagged officially..but i just chose to do it!

As I had mentioned before also..I love doing tags!
Thank you ANURAG anyway!

1. What are you listening to now?
Yes its that SHREK 2 wala song!! ;)

2. What is your occupation?
A) I am a student..right now i am in SYBA!

3. What was the last thing you ate?
A) Maggie!!!..I am a true MAGGIE fan..can have it for breakfast , lunch and dinner! :D

4.Last person you spoke to on phone?
A) Soumya ,about nothing great!

5. How old are you today?

6.Last movie watched?
A) The Sixth Sense. What a film..amazing!

7. Favourite day of the year?
A) My birthday and all 4 days of Durga Pujo! :)
And how can i forget the last day of exams!

8.Favourite toy as a child?
A)Barbie Doll..!!..and the puzzles..and sweet little baby..i still have him! :)

9. Favorite season?
A) Winter!

10.When was the last time you cried?
A) before yesterday..had a fight with mom..hehe!

11. Who is the friend you have had the longest?
A) Moon didi :)

12.What did you do last night?
A)Went out for dinner with friends :D

13.What are you most afraid of?
A)Losing my loved me goosebumps!

14. Favorite day of the week?
A)SUNDAY...i get to sleep till 10 am !! :D\

15.How many states have you lived in?
A) 3 - MUMBAI , KOLKATA and VIZAG...and i am glad to be back in MUMBAI!..Mumbai is my place..!!
16. What is your wish for this New Year?
A)Get PSYCHOLOGY single major!!

17. New year resolutions?
A)No i dont have any..because i never follow them!hehaw!

I tag BABBI!!! :D

Sunday, January 25, 2009

What happens when we grow up?Do we forget our childhood friends?Do we forget the people with whom we grew up?Do we forget those amazing moments?

What happens when you are 'committed' to a person? Dating someone? That person becomes the sole important person in your life? Does that mean that you'll forget your friends,the promises you made to them? That suddenly you will feel that the people with whom you've spent your entire childhood are BORING? That if your narrow-minded , un-intelligent , typical girl-without brains , moronic girlfriend is jealous of will say that it is fine? FINE? That you will hang up on me because of that girl? And you will forget all others? All of us? Because of someone so new in your life? I know that tomorrow if you will fall we will be there to catch you , but I cannot say the same thing about her.

I am not against you being in a relationship or spending time with the girl you 'love'. I mean if I would be against it then I would fall in the same category as she is . I am not those types who would demand all your time , that is totally ridiculous . But all i request you is to fulfill your promises...dont make promises and break them , because you are not just breaking promises but hearts too.

What should i call us?..We are friends? We were friends? OR we are friends (you know in front of everyone 'hi' 'hello' kinds..but there is defnitely no connection!)
You have drifted away...just look back..we are still there , intact...just a know your place?There is a gap there..and we wont fill..its your place....

I am not angry.
I am hurt.....

PS: I dont hold any grudge against your girlfriend . Its just that somehow she isnt doing the right thing and you have put a blindfold too.

Monday, January 12, 2009


Ohh god I am blogging after such a longtime!Not that i was very busy or anything like that but i was just lazy and did not blog! Yes i hate myself for not blogging!Anyway i am back and i hope that i will be more regular.

Now some updates...things that i have been doing while i was not blogging :

1)Saw HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3...ZAC EFRON is just amazing!I got goosebumps when they showed his close up! :)
2)Christmas break!
3)Christmas party at Noel and Prisca's place! :)
4)Saw GHAJINI with mom...the movie was just OK but AAMIR KHAN was good.
5)Nothing great on 31st. :(
6)2nd JAN college started and it was my mom's birthday too...not that we did anything special..she doesnt like to celebrate!so i dint get the chance to have a cake :(

Now there are elections going on for the STUDENT BODY PRESIDENT in our college and thus the canteen extension looks sooo sooo pretty..colourful !! Ahh..i love SOPHIA! :D