Friday, April 10, 2009

tricky tag!

The reason why i like to do tags is that i dont have to make up anything...i need to think but i know what to write! (Did you understand? hehe)

Anyway GENTLE WHISPERS has tagged me this time and i have to say that this one is a little tricky! Okay lets try...

1 is the rank that everyone wish to achieve! (uh so lame! dint know what to write!)

2 is the number of coordinators left in Team Despatch :-(

3 is that time in the afternoon when i do nothing..absolutely nothing!!

4 is the time when there is a powercut..everyday! (angry!)

5 marks is what i had got once in my math test...hehe! I laugh about it now but trust me when i had got those marks it was killing me!

6 is the time in the evening when I go for my evening walk.

7 is the year when i had celebrated my birthday in was bad! :-(

8 is the number of people there in our 'bong-gang'....we have fun..some serious fun :-D

9th is the month of the year when KALEIDOSCOPE happens! :-D

10 pm is my deadline! i have to be back at home by 10 pm...though a little here and there happens all the time...but that is the set deadline! :-(

This tag is soooo sooo tricky! I had to think soo much and some of them dont make sense also! hehe

I am tagging ANURAG,BABBI and PJ.

Well this is FUN!! :-D

Monday, April 6, 2009


Change is an essential theme of life. Accepted. But what if we could avoid it? Life would have been so so simple and easy.

I dont want people around me to change, I dont want things around me to change, I dont want the circumstances to change.

I dont want YOU to change. I dont want anything to change.