Monday, October 18, 2010


I've been wanting to do this for very long but for the past few months I just did not get the time to update this space. I don't think I will be updating my blog anymore from now on. It's like they say is 'defunct'.

I won't delete the blog ever, more because some of my closest people don't want me to and also this blog stands as one of the various proofs of the 'change' in me.
It will be my best place to come back if ever I would want to retrospect. But that will be it.

I may start writing in a new space, but this will be my first love forever :)

Thank you to everyone who actually had the patience to sit and read my stuff.

Will miss you all and the tiny little cyber space of mine.

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pj said...

Oh no...dont stop writing :(
I came here looking for all my blog friends and their blogs who I havent read in quite some time.And one by one as I move from one blog to another I see them all becoming defunct.So many of them have quit blogging!
Your posts were one of those which most of the times reflected my own thoughts...
:(...will miss reading ur posts..!