Wednesday, July 7, 2010

P.S. I Love You

She meets him, falls in love, gets together with him, lives happily..but not ever after...she loses him. But even after she loses him, she knows that he is around, she knows that he is there..somewhere! This love, this film...I can just watch this film over and over and over again. Yes yes you guessed it right I am a sucker for such romantic flicks, and especially this one.

But I have one problem with the book/film and that is the portrayal of this certain character called Gerry Kennedy! Oh my god! Why? Why did Cecelia Ahern create a character like this? He is nothing but PERFECT! He is IDEAL! He is that man that every girl possibly dreams about, but deep down knows that her chances of meeting someone like him is next to impossible. She then searches for a Gerry Kennedy in every guy she meets, which is unfair for both the girl and the man! And then there is disappointment, despair followed by statements such as ''All men are jerks/assholes/bastards!''

Well I also belong belonged to that category once upon a time, but then I realized that one shouldnt search for a Gerry Kennedy in every man she meets, but instead should search or more better find her Gerry Kennedy. Well Holly got hers, did you get yours, as of yet?

P.S. I Love You.

P.P.S. I always did! :-)


The Rain Crab said...

I love the movie too :) and did i get mine??? :( i really dunno! :)

neha said...

@ The Rain Crab

We all will get our Gerry Kennedy..sooner or later, but we will...and even if we dont, why to regret? Like in the film Holly said ''there are all kinds of love''..and I am sure we all are surrounded by some kind of love already :-)

arvind said...

how life is going?
no posts now a days?
just post and share ur experience..