Saturday, June 19, 2010

Five people and the rain

PG admission form hunt.

Humid day. Very!

Westside. AC. Awesome dress. No cash. Disappointment :-(

Piccadilly. Shawarma. Happiness :-p

Mcdonald's. No food (for me). Lots of yak-yaking. Two new friends.

Colaba stretch. Hunt for courier shop. Crowded M.O.D. Empty Theo's :-(

Search for 'sasta' courier shop. Losing the thing to courier. Finding the thing to courier. Finally couriering the stuff.

Thumbs-up (Coke chahiye? Abey! Thumbs up hai...bolna chahiye na! Extra fizz!!!!!). Old monk. Thumbs-up + Old monk. Cab.

''I need to finish it before SHE comes!!''
''Forget that, how will you throw the old-monk ka bottle?''
''I'll throw out re! Its fun!!''
''Oh shit! I cant, police ka van peeche hai!''
''Will leave it in the cab! Hahahaha!!''

Marine drive. Five people. Awesome weather. High tides. Rains.

Two umbrellas. One windcheater. Five cell phones. Extremely important admission forms. One big not-so-water-proof bag!

Drenching in rain. Thundering. Lightning. MARINE DRIVE.

Forty-five minutes wait for the bus. No bus.

Start walking towards VT (Yes, you read right). Heavy rains, hitting your face like stones. Water log, knee high.

Walk. Walk. Walk.

Hide&Seek biscuits. Lays (Tangy tomato!!). All while walking in the rain.

One hour. Destination reached.

Crowded train. Drenched us. Irritated ladies. Extremely cold us. One more hour of journey.


 Remembered someone and the song went buzzing in the head:
''Jab mila tu, ru tu ru ..
Na thi kami na justaju, ru tu ru ..
Aur aadhe aadhe pal huye phir poore yun
Jab mila tu, ru tu ru ..''

In all an awesome day!

Five people and the rain :-)


The Rain Crab said...

ha ha ha... looks like u wrote this after a tiring say!!!

bits and pieces of wrds... still interesting read!!! :)

neha said...

@ The Rain Crab

Thanks! :-)

Yash Vardhan said...

Written in 60

neha said...

@ Yash Vardhan

Not written in 60 seconds, sometimes I like to write it this way. Good or bad I dont know, but I like! :-p

arvind said...

find a name for that..


Yash Vardhan said...

wazz kinda kiddin yaar....anywez nicely written.... pretty crispy indeed :)

I said...

Awesomeness happened!

Nice :)

neha said...

@ Arvind

Dint get you!!!

neha said...

@ Yash Vardhan

Thank you :-)

neha said...

@ I

Total awesomeness happened!
Thank you!