Thursday, June 24, 2010


''You change your mind
Like a girl changes clothes
Yeah you, PMS
Like a bitch
I would know

And you
Always speak

Cause you're hot then you're cold
You're yes then you're no
You're in and you're out
You're up and you're down

You're wrong when it's right
It's black and it's white
We fight, we break up
We kiss, we make up

You don't really want to stay, no
But you don't really want to go-oh''
Yes, my condition at this point of time!


The Rain Crab said...

Loved it!!! Simply loved it! :)
ahh.. i couldn say more... i jus loved it ^_^

neha said...

@ The Rain Crab

Thank you! But why do I feel that you think I have written those lines? If you do, then I must say that I havent! Those are the lines from a song by Katy Perry !! Just found the lines apt for my current condition! :-)

The Rain Crab said...

baah.. :) dumb me!!! :)
i really tot u wrote it!!! :) he heh

I said...

Turrrrrn up the volume, baybeh! And let the bottoms touch the sky!

neha said...

@ The Rain Crab

Hehe...thats why I had put them in quotes na! :-p

neha said...

@ I
I am trying!!! :-)

Beat99 said... friend used to love this song..plays it over and over again. but i like her first single..I kissed a girl!!

and i like it, the taste of her cherry chapstick! lol

neha said...

@ Pavan

Yeah even I like that song!! :-D